Wednesday, October 13, 2010


LOST BOYS part 2:  THE TRIBE tries to recapture the same youthful but dark and dreamlike atmosphere of the original.  The story about a brother and sister dealing with the undead is so similar that it might as well be a remake except Corey Feldman returns as Edgar Frog a self appointed vampire killer.  The son of Kiefer Sutherland plays the head vampire which his father played in the first LOST BOYS.  Its an important film because you learn an extremely important scientific fact.  Acting is not an inherited gene.  In other words Kiefer Sutherland's son sucked.  And no I am not using the word "SUCK" as some kind of lame vampire joke just because I am reviewing a vampire movie.  I would like to think I am a little more original than that.  This isn't an episode of FULL HOUSE is all I am saying.  The whole movie sucked.  What a terrible, terrible movie.  The vampires are a bunch of young "JACKASS" wannabes, they aren't scary and Edgar Frog only kills one freakin vampire.  WHY DO I LIKE IT!?!  I guess I love the two Coreys.  That is my excuse and I am sticking with it.

What?  Oh, yea. I am suppose to be reviewing LOST BOYS part 3: THE THIRST.  Here I am talking about part 2 and you guys are freakin out because you are dieing to know if part 3 is worth the price of purchase.  Yes, LOST BOYS part 3 is good.  No, not a good well made movie that has a smart story and defines the current youth culture in a dark but fun filled horror movie.  Its my kind of "good".  Like part 2, LB3 is a terrible movie.  The vampires are "hip-Euro-trash".  They try so hard to be cool and menacing but instead they look like bad actors imitating vampires they saw on t.v.  Every time they say anything I want to bury my head in shame for buying this movie on the release day.  They present almost no threat whatsoever because anyone apparently can kill them.  The movie tries hard to be funny and clever but rarely does it succeed.  There are a lot of bad lines.  Why are there samurai swords in this movie?  Also Feldman gets this laser sighted grenade launcher that shoots holy water.  It's really cool but of course he shoots a wall with it and that's about all you get to see of it being used.  Kind of disappointing since they build it up a bit.  But I can't help it.  I loved this movie.  Why?

Part of it is because of the nostalgia factor.  The recently deceased Corey Haim is shown in flashbacks and there is a scene where Feldman is at Haim's grave where he says good-bye.  This is art imitating life.  Haim and Feldman were best friends in real life. It's strangely sad and gives the movie a small sense of depth that goes beyond the simple horror movie.  Also because the movie tries hard to be funny there are a few clever moments that made me laugh and eased me into ignoring Feldman's craptacular acting and truly loving this movie.  There are good moments in this film.  The movie follows rule #1 in making a great vampire movie.  KILL LOTS OF VAMPIRES!  A lot of vamps die in part 3.  I think my favorite is the way the last vampire died.  I won't spoil it but I have never seen a vampire die like that before.  Sort of.  Of course there is a reference to TWILIGHT.  It was almost a smart comparison between romantic sexy vampires of TWILIGHT and the murderous bloody vampires of the LOST BOYS.  But the next scene though showed hot sexy chick vampires getting it on in hot sexy ways.  Whoops.

If you can tolerate part 2 then you should really enjoy part 3.  Unlike THE TRIBE, THE THIRST features Corey Feldman as the main character.  He is the hero. He kills a few vamps and at times he is really funny.  It may take about twenty minutes to actually like the movie but give it a chance.  It will disappoint unless you like really bad movies that have heart.  I do.


                             Killing vampires is so easy even a caveman can do it.

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