Tuesday, October 25, 2011

LAST OF THE LIVING: The movie that doesn't want to die....

In all honesty I really liked LAST OF THE LIVING.  It's kind of funny, the characters are kind of interesting and the overall story concept is kind of unique.  Yeah, that is quite a few "kind ofs", isn't it?  I guess I can't really recommend this movie.  That really sucks because there is talent here.  There is a spark of creativity.  The problem is that the whole film isn't as good as it thinks it is.

The story is about three dudes who are the last of the living.  They spend the majority of the movie living their daily lives in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.  They go to the store, watch t.v. and play video games.  Apparently during a zombie apocalypse the electrical grid is just fine.  That is very fortunate for our heroes.  When they get bored of the mansion they are squatting in they move to a new one.  This is where the movie decides to introduce a plot into the mix to try to keep our attention about a female scientist trying to get blood from a zombie to a research facility on an island. 

This movie has its humorous moments.  Some of the dialogue is witty or at least amusing.  There is a lot of great music spread throughout the film giving you hope that the movie will get better.  But it doesn't.  The energy of the film kind of plateaus and then towards the end descends into fart jokes and one extremely weak ending.  The movie just stops.  Things get kind of crazy at the end there and the movie decides to not go on anymore leaving the audience with that "WTF WAS THAT!" feeling in their gut.  LAST OF THE LIVING doesn't seem to be a completed film.  It probably needed to go through a few more script changes before anything was put to film.  It wants to be the New Zealand SHAUN OF THE DEAD but it poops out.  The whole movie seems under developed.

For a low budget movie, LAST OF THE LIVING tries to entertain but at 87 minutes of run time the movie just drags and drags and drags and they haven't even gotten to the island yet.  You get tired of the film about halfway through when you realize that nothing is happening quickly at all.  Actually by the end you can forgive the abrupt mindless ending because at least the movie is over.  The quirky shenanigans of our heroes is not enough to keep your interest.  The film has a sickly green tint to it that mucks up the photography lessening the value of the cinematography making everything look boring. 

I guess if you like zombie movies and can forgive a lot of it's short comings then I can somewhat kind of sort of recommend this rip off of SHAUN OF THE DEAD.  Just don't be expecting to hang a poster of this one on your wall in your parents basement anytime soon, Nerd-Os.



  1. this sounds fun, some of the worst movies can be the best for like parties and well late night fest...


  2. i liked this film, bought for like a buck... it was just what i wanted... thank you for bringing it to life!

  3. I'm glad. I enjoyed it too for the most part. Thanks for the comments.