Tuesday, November 29, 2011

VIDEO DEMONS DO PSYCHOTOWN: Cool title that has nothing to do with the movie.

I don't know who that guy is busting through the t.v. screen or why he would decide to start eating VHS tapes and rudely impose himself onto other peoples' movie covers.  He is not in this movie whatsoever but if you do see him out in public please call the local authorities.  He needs immediate medical attention and years and years of psychological help.

Anyhoo, when you see a title as crazy as VIDEO DEMONS DO PSYCHOTOWN what kind of crazy weird things do you imagine happening in a film called that?  Judging by the cover I would think that the story would revolve around some lawless city run by roaming gangs of 80's style street punks waring against each other until some street trash crazy person that loves to eat video cassettes finds and plugs in a VCR that came straight from Hell unleashing demons of the "man in a rubber suit" variety upon the damned citizens of PSYCHOTOWN.  Then the rest of the movie would be the survivors trying to get out of their criminal paradise,  At least that is what I would think would happen in a movie with such a terrific title.  No, this movie has nothing to do with the title.  I call that flagrant false advertising.

VIDEO DEMONS DO PSYCHOTOWN is instead about two vanilla boring college yuppies filming a class project about the death of a local rich guy who lives in a town where apparently everyone is a psychic and really old.  That's right, old people.  There are no "Video Demons" and no "Psychotown".  I guess when the distribution company TROMA decided to retitle the film they thought that the word "Psycho" is similar in meaning to the word "Psychic".  This movie is really boring, folks.  The one murder that happens in the movie is boring, the two or three sex scenes are boring, and the finale is boring.  As a whole I think the movie is suppose to be a slasher flick with a killer lurking in the shadows in a yellow rain coat.  The girl college yuppie is apparently a super psychic that the townsfolk fear but nothing comes from that.  The movie just kind of plods along with scene after scene of our two heroes looking at t.v. monitors editing their dang documentary for school.  They filmed like two scenes and you get to see those scenes over and over again.  Then this ghost shows up through the t.v. showing how the old guy died.  If that didn't happen the two yuppies would never have figured out what happened.  Heck, I still don't know what happened and I watched the freakin movie.

The killer ends up being some old lady that I think was running an antique store.  Apparently she killed the rich old guy that ran the town.  Maybe the movie explains why but I can't remember. After about thirty minutes of blandtasticness my mind shifted into neutral.  The killer is probably the worst killer in the history of killers.  She kills some maintenance guy for maybe talking too much even though I don't think he or any of the towns people would know that she murdered the old rich guy.  At the end another college friend shows up and almost gets killed by the old slasher lady.   You would think that this character would get killed because why have him in the movie if he isn't there to get stabbed repeatedly in the face.  He doesn't do anything so why not kill him in a movie that is suppose to be a sort of mystery slasher flick.   You need people to get killed in not nice ways if you are going to make a slasher flick, Movie. That is the whole point of a slasher flick!  Geeze.

There really isn't a whole lot to talk about with this movie.  It's boring and none of it makes sense. I don't remember but it looks like the movie was filmed in the middle of Kansas where nothing exists (so I'm told) so it should come as no surprise that nothing happens in this movie.  I could write pages on what the movie should be based on the title.  This movie is so bad that it makes me want to eat VHS tapes and smash my face into television sets.  Wait!  I think I just explained what the cover means.  Bravo, VIDEO DEMONS DO PSYCHOTOWN.  Bravo.


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