Sunday, March 11, 2012


Yes, it is true.  In this world there exists a movie called NEGATIVE HAPPY CHAINSAW EDGE.  I will give you one guess as to the country's origin that this movie was made in.  I found this one on THE NETFLIX and started watching it immediately knowing nothing about it.  I am just going to assume this movie is based off a Japanese comic book.  I can't be too sure since there isn't any tentacle rape going on in this movie.  But there are a ton of weird ideas play-doughed together to form a story about young love.  This is not a horror movie despite the chainsaw wielding maniac on the poster.  This is a love story.  Yeah, I guess the best way to get me to watch a love story is to put a chainsaw wielding maniac in it with a lot of kung-fu crap.  SOLD!

Yosuki (I'm not even sure I am spelling his name right) is a young man in high school who chances upon a girl his age named Eri who every night must fight a chainsaw wielding maniac who comes from the moon.  I am not sure if he really comes from the moon.  I am just assuming that.  Hey, anything is possible in Japan.  The guy looks like he just escaped from a Resident Evil game.  Seeing a chance to be greater than his friend Noto who died in a bike wreck, Yosuki tries his best to help Eri fight the monster each and every night.  He hopes to top Noto with a greater more spectacular death.  Noto was always better and cooler than Yosuki.  The weapons chosen are always different.  She will use a sword or throwing knives but then she will fight the monster with a golf club or umbrella for some reason.  Don't ask me why.  I have no idea.  The monster is defeated every night but it gets away and never dies.

NHCE is creative and fun and even a little touching.  Even though it is a weird movie with weird moments and weird characters it all feels natural to the story  It all belongs.  I think the only problem I have is that the energy the movie has doesn't continue throughout the entire film.  Not sure where the movie is going with no resolution in sight with repetitive scenes of hanging around waiting for a monster to show slows the film down slightly.  The focus of the story is on two teens dealing with their own personal demons in different forms  (Noto and Chainsaw Wielding Maniac) and along the way they fall in love.  There is some big special effects fight scenes with the whole flying around in the air craziness you would expect from the land of the rising sun.  It is all good but there is only a few of these scenes.  The rest is all character development stuff.  But that is good too.

NEGATIVE HAPPY CHAINSAW EDGE was a nice surprise.  If you want to see something different that your nerd friends don't know about yet then I suggest watching this one.  Your friends will think you are the coolest when you tell them about it.  After that get new friends because your old friends aren't good enough for you anymore, you culturally superior bastard.


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