Monday, October 8, 2012


Tired of watching the original HALLOWEEN for the billionth time?  Feel like watching something different that your friends haven't seen yet this October?  Looking for something special while helping make a difference in the world of horror cinema?  Well my friends, head on over to and pick up TEDDY, POPULARITY KILLER and BLOOD BROTHERS on DVD.  These are three short films directed by Steve Goltz and written by Kevin Sommerfield.  There is a great deal of talent presented in front of and behind the camera in all three films.  The acting is good to great (for the most part), the writing is sharp, and the camera work is phenomenal especially in TEDDY.  They accomplish a lot with so little and I feel like they deserve our support.  The only thing that kind of sucks is that they are only short films.  By the end of each one you wish that they would go on longer and develop more into a full length feature.  Hopefully one day they will make one.  Hey, at least these guys put special features on their DVDs showing true love for their audience. 

If you had to pick just one film to buy I would highly recommend TEDDY.  It is a film about four young people going camping who accidentally run over a guy out in the wilderness in front of his weirdo adult son who still carries around his stitched up one eyed teddy bear.  Instead of getting help they scoop him off the road as if he were nothing more than roadkill and continue on their camping trip.  The weirdo son seeks bloody inappropriate revenge.  This is the best looking out of all three films.  Visually it is the most colorful and entertaining with creative if not controversial deaths.

POPULARITY KILLER is about a masked killer murdering high school students at a small get together at night.  Both this one and TEDDY embrace the classic slasher flick genre of the early 1980s making no apologies whatsoever.  It is a kind of who-done-it slasher movie.  Most slasher flicks back in the day were like that.  Movies like TERROR TRAIN, PROM NIGHT and THE INITIATION are a few examples that I can think of. 

BLOOD BROTHERS is way different.  Its not really a horror movie but more like a violent family drama.  It is basically about a man and his wife held captive by his desperate brother and his girlfriend.  This one you should watch last for Mike Goltz performance as the protagonist.  He is pretty much unrecognizable as the clean cut good guy.  Mike steals the show in TEDDY and POPULARITY KILLER playing the ever so charming drunk, jerk-face, jock character that has no problem spraying beer out of every orifice of his body.  What a great actor.  Maybe BLOOD BROTHERS isn't the best out of the three but it is nice to see that Steve Goltz and Kevin Sommerfield can do other things beside slasher films.

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