Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mario Bava's KILL BABY....KILL

KILL BABY...KILL is a great film that should not be overlooked.  I have been in a Mario Bava phase lately watching any of his films I can get my hands on.  This is my favorite film of his so far.  Keep in mind I haven't seen many of Bava's work so that might change.  This is just a neat little story accompanied by some great looking atmospheric sets and the usual creative camera work from the production.

The story centers on a doctor that has been called to a strange little village to do an autopsy on a young woman who has apparently killed herself by falling on to a spiked fence.  I would figure the cause of death would be obvious but the town's police inspector insists on an autopsy anyway.  He is very suspicious of the locals.  The town locals aid that suspicion by doing whatever they can to prevent that autopsy from happening fearing the supernatural repercussions of the ghost of a little girl.

The film follows the doctor around as he investigates the strange town and murders that follow his arrival that lead to a little girl that the town is frightened of.  She shows herself to those she seeks to kill.  When you see her you know it is your time to die.  The movie is full of color which is what you expect from Bava.  The poster work above is a great example as to what to expect visually from the film.  The deaths themselves may not be so impressive but the little girl looking at the next victim through a window is rather startling.   If you let it, this film can be very scary.  Think about living in a town with the idea that at anytime you can see the ghost of a little girl letting you know it is your time to die and she is going to make you do it.  I love that concept.

The film may not be perfect but I think it is one of Bava's best.  I am surprised it is not as popular as some of his other films like BLACK SABBATH and BLACK SUNDAY.  I would say everything I love about Italian horror cinema is represented in this film except maybe the excessive gore which there is very little of.  It has style, color and a good little story that has a few surprises along the way.  The little girl is freaky and should be just as iconic as Freddy or Jason.  See it on THE NETFLIX  while you can.


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