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FEEDING FRENZY is a fun bloody mess of a good time.  Its about monster balls that run around and eat people.  As you probably already know FEEDING FRENZY is an homage to small creature, creature features like GREMLINS, CRITTERS and GHOULIES with a little bit of EVIL DEAD part 2 thrown in there for good measure.  While the movie feels more like GHOULIES because of its low budget it rises above into a much better film due to its humor and interesting characters.

FEEDING FRENZY shows us what makes a B-Movie great.  Humor.  There were a couple of times I missed what was going on because I was laughing so hard.  The Russian mail-order bride is one of the funniest characters I have ever seen.  You just have to hear the profanity coming out of her mouth to understand just how great her scene was.  She could have her own t.v. show and it would beat Dancing With The Stars and American Idol combined.  Carl is great too.  We need a movie just about him.  I wish I was more like him.  Despite the dire situation he just doesn't care.  If its not about him then who cares.  Wait!  I think that is exactly me.  Like SHAUN OF THE DEAD the characters are so interesting that there really is no need for the horror.  The horror is a bonus.  These Red Letter Media guys are great.  Be sure to watch the behind the scenes feature for more hilarity.  Those guys have a passion for film even if it is something stupid like bouncing balls with teeth that eat people.  Though they probably won't admit it, the film makers really strive and put a lot of effort into making a horror movie that entertains and rises above its meager budget.  Also the main actor (whatshisname) looks like Ethan Hawk.

I am really surprised that they didn't just go to some antique store and buy those Mad Balls we used to have back in the day.  Do you remember those?  They were these squishy balls that had ugly faces that were monstrous, stitched up or they had band aides or bandages over them.  Essentially they were kind of a rip-off of the Garbage Pail Kids only in ball form.  Don't let the simple designs of the monsters ruin your fun though.  They may not be great but even the makers know that.  They have fun with it and you should too. 

Being a part of the low budget horror movie scene (sort of) I know (sort of) how hard it is to get your film to actually look like a real movie. Tons of B-Movies are just some junk some friends got together to shoot thinking that people will forgive it for its many faults just because of the no budget.  Those films seem to be incoherent, sloppily edited, poorly shot, (sometimes with multiple cameras of different quality) insults to film making.  They don't take the time to iron out all the problems or invest effort into sound effects or music which are essential to a great film.  FEEDING FRENZY mostly succeeds in throwing off those chains and actually looks at times like a movie from the 80's.  The scenes in the hardware store are particularly well shot and I got the feeling they spent more time shooting them than the scenes that take place in other people's apartments.

I had a fun time watching FEEDING FRENZY.  This is a movie that everyone (who are into this kind of horror) will enjoy not just the film makers' friends and family.  My one major complaint though is that my favorite line from the trailer isn't in the film.  "Colon cancer gets more women than you do." Or something like that.  I hate it when they do that.  Maybe I was laughing too hard at one point and missed it.  I don't know.  I will have to watch it again soon to see if it is actually in there.  Gladly.

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