Sunday, October 24, 2010


I just wanted to use my blog thingy to share a thought about what I hope to see in the next season of TRUE BLOOD.  I noticed in the last season that along with alien fairies from outer space that were-panthers were introduced into the main story.  I am very excited by this. I hope, pray and wish upon a star that my favorite character from the Suzuki Stackhouse of Pancakes series of books is brought in to help.  I know that they will have to skip like ten of the books to bring him in but he is so awesome that it would be worth it to lose some of the less interesting story lines and just get to his. 

His name is Peter Pete Peterson or 'John' for short.  He appears in the middle of the 13th book titled DING-DONG-DIDDLY DEAD IN DAVENPORT.  He is a were-whale.  And a pretty big sized whale at that.  I think the book described his whale size as "bigger than a small car but smaller than a close up of Nicole Kidman in Moulon Rouge."  Or something like that.

In the book about half way through Eric, Bill, and John are together with Suzuki at her house.  Of course John too is in love with Suzuki.  So you are expecting there to be like this four-way-bang-off-dealy to see who gets the girl but suddenly Brian (who is the new sheriff of Louisiana district and mayor of Tarantula Town) smashes in with some henchmen who are werewolves (and convenient nudists by the way) and kidnaps Suzuki.  Fearing for Suzuki's life our three heroes set chase to the villains but first in order to help the best way he can John transforms into his giant whale form.  The rest of the book is a detailed account of Eric and Bill fetching pales of water and dumping them on John to keep him alive because whales can't live on land.


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